New Era Mother & Child Hospita

New Era Mother & Child Hospital comprehensive healthcare solution for women & children under one roof. Health is a state of complete physical maintenance and social well being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity delight & profound happiness to know New Era Mother & Child Hospital which epitomizes quality healthcare in maternity, womanhood, child health, and beyond. New era mother & child hospital is a new milestone in integrated & specialized tertiary healthcare in the field of obstetrics gynecology & pediatrics super-specialty located at 35 Pragati Colony, near Chattrapati Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur. It is an 82-bedded pediatric, obstetrics, and gynec super-specialty hospital in west Nagpur with all super-specialty branches related to this field under one roof.

New Era Mother & Child Hospital

New Era Mother & Child Hospital is a unit of New Era Hospitals, Nagpur Pvt. Ltd. New Era Mother & Child Hospital is a complete medical solution in the field of pediatrics, neonatology, adolescent health, gynecology, obstetrics located at West Nagpur with 50+ pediatric & gynecology super-specialty are available under one roof providing 24x7 emergency & ICU services in the hospital. The hospital offers a 40-bedded neonatal intensive care unit which is equipped with advanced ventilators, NIVs, high-frequency oscillators, in-held nitric oxide, ECMO, laminar flow, total parenteral nutrition, whole-body cooling devices, apnea boot, high-quality monitors, EEG, ROP, BERA, neonatal cardiac surgery, incubators, pediate warmers as well as highly specialized neonatologist & nursing team. Similarly, the institute excelled in the field of pediatric intensive care with the availability of ventilators, NIVs, high-frequency oscillators, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, EEG, high-quality monitors, pediatric cardiac surgeries, bedside USG, 2D echo and availability of pediatrician, intensivists 24x7 with a good nursing team. The unit has the credit for doing the first bone marrow transplant in pediatrics for hemoglobinopathy & has the facility to do solid organ transplants in pediatrics. Pediatric super-specialty like hematology, hemato-oncology, transplants, neurology, neurosurgery, nephrology, urology, ophthalmology, ENT, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, pulmonology, bronchoscopy, immunization clinic, adolescent health, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy along with the first private human milk bank of central India available in the unit. The gynecology & Obstetrics department is highly equipped with a state-of-heart labor room, 2 operation theaters, laparoscopic surgeries, an MTP center, fetal scan, and fetal medicines with highly specialized medical consultants & nursing team along with IVF & IUI center. The unit has supportive services with 24x7 pharmacy, pathology, radiology, and ambulance services together.

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 To deliver the best care with Passion and Empathy 

Best: - This is both an Inspiration and Commitment to give our best every day. 
So what we deliver the best outcome possible

Passion & Empathy: - These quality reflect the ethos public health care:

    We serve with Passion for the welfare of our patients and colleagues.
    We serve with Empathy as health care is fundamentally relational.


To be a caring hospital Trusted by patients and staff.

Renowned for clinical excellence and innovation.

Caring: - We are motivated by what really matters to our patients and colleagues.

Trusted: - We Build lasting and meaningful relationships.

Renowned for Clinical Excellence and Innovation: - We have a culture of Continuous improvement and innovation that enables to excel in our mission.




Caring for patients in a Hospital setting involves an integrated team of medical professionals. At NewEra Hospital & Research Institute, our Hospital medical teams work together to provide you with the best possible treatment and outcomes in a comfortable, well-equipped setting that’s close to home.